IT Developer Interview Questions

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“Why I hadn't had any prior internships?”

“What happens when a file that a process is using is deleted”

“Tell me a time where you overcame a task you did not know how to do at first?”

“No difficult questions, just canned / situational questions w/ Hiring Mgr and (2) Directors of low caliber, expertise and no vision.”

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“Bob can make a cigar from 5 used butts of old cigars. If he has 25 cigar butts, how many cigars can he smoke?”

“Nothing too difficult... Describe the difference between an abstract class and an interface?... describe Polymorphism in your own words?...A string is a special type of this do you know what I'm…”

“What can you offer that perhaps other can't?”

“very general questions”

“How much pay do you think you are worth?”

“There really weren't any that were difficult. I am used to extremely technical developer interviews such as when I have interviewed in the oil and gas industry. The Stuttering Director asked nothing…”

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