IT Entry Level Interview Questions

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“Brain teaser: You have two 6-sided cubes and you want to put digits on them so that when you roll them, you can make the days of the month (01 - 31). How would you place the digits on the sides and…”

“Very typical questions. Just be confident when explaining your answer.”

“Describe a time when you had to convey negative information.”

“What's something cool that you did in the last 6 or 8 months?
That deadline question that someone posted earlier.”

“No difficult question. Maybe because it wa an entry level position.”

“Most technical questions were pretty straightforward. For example, describe the software development lifecycle and how you used it in the past to create software.”

“Where do you see Verizon going in five years?”

“There were no technical questions asked during the interview, it was mostly about what I was looking for.”

“Where do you see IT field in 5 years? Which field of IT interests you most?”

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