IT Leadership Program Interview Questions

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“Why I hadn't had any prior internships?”

“How would you design a spice box for the visually impaired?”

“If you could have have anyone on your team who would they be?”

“What was a time when you cheated or made a significant mistake and got away with it, and what did you do? What was a time when you were pressured to cheat by someone in charge, and how did you react?”

“I was expecting technical questions, or some kind of question allowing my knowledge to be displayed. There were very few of these. The most unexpected question I had was the first question of my…”

“Case study presentation about improvements to Levis E-Commerce website.”

“What are three values apparent in a leader, and how have you shown examples of each of these values that you have named?”

“Describe a time where you had competing priorities, what did you do?”

“What is a question that you would have liked to have been asked throughout this interview? Why (answer your own question)?”

“Not sure, because every question they asked, i've been asked that before.”

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