IT Management Interview Questions

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“Most unexpected questions were regarding my marital status and my family situation.”

“Why did you rate yourself an 8 in competitiveness, and not a 10?”

“How would employees who worked for me in the past describe me as a manager?”

“They asked what methodologies/processes used.”

“If you could create your perfect job, what would it be. (I should have been prepared for this but it caught me off-guard anyway).”

“A common question from the interviewers would be "...why don't you tell us what the job requirements for this position should be..." followed by a general disagreement on the answer(s) when more than…”

“What is your experience with .NET projects and what is your opinion of it as a longterm strategy.”

“How have you in the past managed to motivate long-time employees”

“Asked me to described my ITSM and operations experience.”

“You have a web commerce application that user access behind a Load Balancing system (BigIP). You know there are 20 instances of each IIS application running in the app cluster. Some users are…”

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