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IT Manager at DISH

Dec 28, 2013

“Honestly, the questions were typical for a corporate and professional position. Some questions tested your skill set, some probed your work/management style. The questions that set Dish apart tried…”

“How would you come in and fix this troubled team? Would you fire people if you had to?”

“One question that was repeated by 3 people because of the position was "How will you convince others of your plan/method/path or how will you sell your idea?"”

“Could you decribe the role of the IT Manager and what it entails?”

“why they should hire me at the salary i want because he has to pay my benefits so what would i do in his shoes”

“I was asked a very out of the box question in my first 1:1 interview - "How would you test a toaster?"”

“There were none I basically agreed to take the lowest pay out of everyone interviewed since I was desperate for a job.”

“Why would you be intrested in working with us? What are your future career plans?”

“What would you do to keep your group successful”

“Have you ever had a project go into a RED or behind schedule status? What dd you do?”

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