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“To paraphrase: "I believe your experience is light for the IT Manager position, but would you like me to put you through to the next step for the IT Manager position, a technical interview?"”

IT Manager at DISH

Dec 28, 2013

“Honestly, the questions were typical for a corporate and professional position. Some questions tested your skill set, some probed your work/management style. The questions that set Dish apart tried…”

“How would you come in and fix this troubled team? Would you fire people if you had to?”

“I was asked a very out of the box question in my first 1:1 interview - "How would you test a toaster?"”

“why they should hire me at the salary i want because he has to pay my benefits so what would i do in his shoes”

“Could you decribe the role of the IT Manager and what it entails?”

“There were none I basically agreed to take the lowest pay out of everyone interviewed since I was desperate for a job.”

“Why would you be intrested in working with us? What are your future career plans?”

“What would you do to keep your group successful”

“Have you ever had a project go into a RED or behind schedule status? What dd you do?”

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