IT Manager Interview Questions

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“What would you do to keep your group successful”

“How would you handle insubordination or direct reports failing to meet expectations”

IT Manager at Xerox

Jun 5, 2011

“How did you prepare for this interview?”

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IT Manager at Verizon

Feb 6, 2012

“You have worked for a private company, do you think you can work under the strict standards of the US govt?”

IT Manager at Verizon

Feb 6, 2012

“Name a time in your employment when something catastrophic and unexpected happened and your response.”

“How did you deal with a difficult employee- wha tdid you do to turn them around?
Discuss a project that did not go well or went over budget?
Discuss a time with you had to make a call on your own…”

IT Manager at Dell

Mar 9, 2015

“What are your weaknesses?”

“What are three weaknesses that you have.”

“When was a time when you had opposite views from the sponsor of a project you worked on.”

“The interviews are typically structured around situational experiences. The candidate will need to demonstrate how they would react or approach solving.”

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