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“Some math problems, multiplication and division.
White dress shirt and tie.”

“Tell me about a time you had to disagree with your manager and how did you handle it”

“Why did you leave your last position?”

“It depends - IT department and HR department don't value quality, education, experience, or respect your view being a professional - because those individuals are right hands of the management team…”

“Would I be OK dealing with a volitle personality? I was told they asked that of everyone...”

“How well do I work with different areas of IT?”

“Totally unxpected recruiting process - never experienced this in my past 15 years of career - been to many interviews during past 15 years.”

“There were no difficult or un-expected questions. Because the management does not know what they are talking about, the questions were very general, like "Have you done this? Have you done that…”

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