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“What kind of person are you?
What motivates you?
The whole interview is forcedly kept away from the company and actual position as much as possible.
And the hours you'll be going door to door with…”

“Nothing so difficult, mostly behavioral question, also, they wanted to know how enthusiastic I was about joining them”

“There really are questions on that two page application about what kind of transportation the applicant has, and how reliable it is. Because I had thought the job was going to be in the office and…”

“They do not ask you much, just about your past experiences.”

“Describe a difficult sale situation, where you turned a negative experience to a positive one.”

“Have you cold called before?”

“What challenges did you encounter, and how were you able to tackle them?”

“the hiring manager is a stickler. He's basically just trying to poke holes in your story instead of identifying if you have talent or ability. Can't blame him, most hiring managers are this way.”

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