IT Security Interview Questions

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“What is the relevance of the malware stuxnet?”

“I know you can do the job based on your resume. Tell me why you think you can do the job here?”

“None, the most difficult technical questions were easy. Folks were very respectful throughout the process.”

“Where do you want to be in 5 years?”

“What are some of the challenged face developing or implemented federal IT security controls?”

“What are some of the challenges working with federal agencies?”

“Please explain the intricacies of the MPLS protocol and what mechanisms you would use to secure this protcol?”

“The questions in my interview were fairly boiler plate, however I was surprised when the Interviewer dove right into describing his vision for the organization and my role in particular. At that…”

“Describe some of the challenging situation that you encountered and how did you handled it.”

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