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Consumer Sales at Dell

Feb 11, 2012

“What songs best describes your work ethic.”

“Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer ?”

Director at Akamai

Apr 8, 2013

“How does the internet work?”

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“Tell me how you would determine how many house painters there are in the United States?”

“There was only the one question. And that was to sell somthing to her.”

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“They asked me about the Java Object - Oriented, Inheritance and Out-put the single value of the 2 dimension array”

“During the technical interview, the second interview asked, "How would you configure trace route in a cisco firewall for a group of windows users?" I repeated the question to make sure I heard it...”

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“Explain a time when you were faced with a deadline and the timeframe was not enough time.”

“The CEO asked me to rate myself on my overall I.T. knowledge on a scale from 1 to 10.”

“If you have three people standing, all facing the same direction, each person can see the color of the hat of only the person directly in front of them (which can be either black or white). There are...”

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