IT Services interview questions

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“Why might you use SMTP to get large (multi-gig) line-oriented text-based logs from one machine to another?”

“"So is this your 5th interview so far today?"”

“You have no training experience, what makes you feel as thought you would make a good instructor?”

“I have 9 coins, out of which 8 coins are identical in weight and one is lighter in weight. Is it possible to find the light weight coin with only two weighings, using pan balance?”

“What do you think some of the most important parts of selling are?”

“Tell me a time when you had to make a quick decision without knowing all the facts.”

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“RAID mostly. If you have three 200GB drives, what is the total capacity for storage?”

“Tell me about a time when you failed to complete a task, what affect did it have and what did you do?”

“Given a word (does not have to be an actual word, just a string of capital letters), return the alphabetical rank of that word out of all possible combinations of the given set of letters.”

“I was asked a question about customer service.”

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