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“You have a building with 100 stories, and two identical balls. Your goal is to discover the topmost level from which the balls can be dropped without breaking. Do this in the least number of tries...”

“How many words are in a good sentence? This was asked by an absolute idiot who was rude. This is also incorrect and she insisted this was correct, despite having never been a writer professionally...”

“What are your questions?”

“What is the difference between RAID 0 & RAID 5?”

“Tell me about your management style.”

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“1. Describe the OSI model layers and explain in details how it works and how it is used for troubleshooting.?”

“Find least common parent in a tree.”

“details of the dns zone file - mx, ns, etc. I answered "ns=name server" then the next question was to get more specific of what type of ns. Also what is SOA”

“what is 802.1af?”

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“An eight gallon container is full and both a three gallon container and a five gallon container are empty. Without using any other containers, divide the water into two equal amounts.”

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