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“details of the dns zone file - mx, ns, etc. I answered "ns=name server" then the next question was to get more specific of what type of ns. Also what is SOA”

“what is 802.1af?”

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“An eight gallon container is full and both a three gallon container and a five gallon container are empty. Without using any other containers, divide the water into two equal amounts.”

“We speak to many elderly people how do you handle that and are you good at getting your message across?”

“How do you know when you are providing great customer service.”

“Tell me everything you want me to know about you right off the bat - let's go ahead and get that out of the way.”

“Asking questions relating to a completely different job title. A specific question was "What do I love about QA" when I am not and have not been in QA for many years. My resume clearly shows this…”

“3. Trees (binary and otherwise) form the basis of many common data structures.
Please describe some of these data structures and when they might be used.”

“5. The user of this class expected the output “Num: 1000000”. They got something else. What went wrong and how would you fix it?

public class Test
    public final static int NUMTHREADS…”

“SQL Two tables each have one column with a field called 'ID' write SQL to extract online the ID's in table one that are not in table two”

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