IT Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“How is your health? Do you smoke? Any prior illnesses that kept you out of work for a week?”

“Why do you need promotion? Will you listen to my commands?”

“The real zinger came at the end when they demanded previous compensation information. They said they wouldn't make an offer without it. Not only did they demand it, they demanded previous paycheck…”

“OOP concepts. Implement atoi and write test cases. How would you test for integer overflow even before performing atoi, in the atoi function that I had written. Class diagram for an e-commerce…”

“Explain about the challenges you faced in your previous job”

“Explain some differences between 5 or 6 technologies. I was told that its okay if I would skip certain differences and that I needed to explain only a couple of them. Explain how would you test…”

“Explain how you would test something. Explain how would you design a new college building in your campus to hold classes. How would you get the total number of pet dogs in the Bellevue area.”

“Largest substring in an array of -ve and +ve integers problem. Was given an abstract function and was asked to write test cases for it. Design a website to save user's passwords for various e-mail…”

“How do you convince a customer to go with a specific tool?”

“How do you write and test a tictac toe problem?”

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