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“They asked a lot of technical questions”

“why do you want this job verses job xyz that you would be perfect for”

IT Specialist at IBM

Dec 21, 2011

“What is your career goals?”

“Assume you are put on a project with someone you know doesn't work well with others. How would you handle it? How would you approach it?”

“Teach end-user/Client about MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint.”

“Nothing so difficult, mostly behavioral question, also, they wanted to know how enthusiastic I was about joining them”

“Why did you leave your other job?”

“There were no particularly difficult questions asked. That was part of the problem, I approached it as IT INFOSEC position, but it seemed like they wanted more of a salesman than an INFOSEC…”

“Discuss your experience in formulating IT policy and strategic planning for an IT centric organization.”

“Do you want benefits?”

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