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“What is your salary range?”

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“The interviewer asked me a very pointed question about one of my past experiences listed on my resume. It had been a while since I'd thought about this particular line item, so I struggled to give…”

“All pretty ordinary questions”

IT Audit Staff at EY

Mar 24, 2009

“What questions do you have for me?”

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“Do you like working”

“What is database? How would you design the database for a car accident insurance process.”

IT Staff at Matson

Sep 5, 2013

“Have you had any experience supporting excutive level employees ?”

“Asked three times how I would handle difficult people when I provided clear, concise and professional answers the first two times.”

“Since at the time it was an entry level position, I was tested on my coding abilities in different scenarios, none of which was all that complex.”

IT Audit Staff at EY

Nov 9, 2010

“What was the hardest challenge you've had over your school and work life?”

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