IT Systems Administrator Interview Questions

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“Tell me a time when you had to deal with a difficult individual and how you went about resolving the problem?”

“If a computer went down at one of the clinics across the country what would you do to get it fixed?”

“The IT questions were with VMWare.”

“HR only asked about their website. over and voer again.”

“Which of Snow White's seven dwarfs would most closely match your personality?”

“There were no direct interview questions per se. The interview was more of a conversation of two IT professionals sharing their work history - yes, it was a two-way conversation, not a monologue.”

“Why do you want to work at SuperMedia what do you expect from the company.”

“Would you take vacation within six months during your first six months of employment”

“Typical behavioural questions and a few tech questions that were standard and easy to answer.”

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