IT Systems Engineer Interview Questions

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“1. I was asked to explain what FSMO Roles do within the scope of Active Directory. 2. I was asked to explain the differences between Fibre Channel SAN's and iSCSI SAN's.”

“"You've been at your current position for several years, we're concerned that you're going to come in here and want to tell us how we're doing everything wrong and how it needs to change. Can you...”

“Threw phone on table. Asked to name model and operating system. (This should have been the red flag....)”

“They asked for me to talk about the technical depth for several of the items that I had shown on my resume, thankfully I was honest on my resume and was able to provide the right answers and...”

“"Hi I am ____, I called to check if you are fit for this position or not'!! 'How to create SCCM package for software deployment' & 'What is IP and how it works?', where I was interviewing for Sr...”

“I was asked a lot of questions regarding my comfort levels with multiple technologies. There were a lot of questions that were intended to feel out how willing I would be to learn new technologies...”

“how would you re-act to ... x/y situation .. .such as a failure of a server, or a failure in a network, do you feel comfortable documenting your steps, how much mac and windows server experience do...”

“Q: Describe a time when you should have consulted a colleague on a particular problem or project.”

“The "code" request, documented above.”

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