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“What source would you use to give a student to find a laptop?”

“I was a little overqualified for the position, but they didn't seem to like my answers about Active Directory. I was asked to describe the process of creating a new user in the company.”

“The site is a high ticket site, are you capable of dealing with that?”

“How to restore a deleted file in a Linux Command Line environment”

“If you are allow to brag about yourself, how will you like us to remember you?”

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“What is an abstract class?”

“If you can't find out the answer, what do you do?”

“Do you know Unix and if so, what level do you rate your skill?”

“What is your strengths and weaknesses?”

“The social media assignment was to create a campaign to promote RwandAir. I had to plan around dry/wet seasons, the hottest tourist attractions, and intense cultural shifts in the not so distant past.”

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