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“How many credit cards does Amex issue in a year in US?”

“Given two files that has list of words (one per line), write a program to show the intersection.”

“3. Trees (binary and otherwise) form the basis of many common data structures.
Please describe some of these data structures and when they might be used.”

“symmetric cryptography”

“covariant return types in java”

“5. The user of this class expected the output “Num: 1000000”. They got something else. What went wrong and how would you fix it?

public class Test
    public final static int NUMTHREADS…”

“Trick question associated with flipping the number 6 upside down to make 9. Android XML related questions.”

“1. Implement the following function:

int findMax(int[] items)

“2. Implement the following interface to implement a binary search tree in Java

public interface BinaryTree<T extends Comparable<? super T>>
    public void insert(T data…”

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“Why are you looking for new work?”

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