Java Interview Questions

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“What is a volatile variable, and why would you use it?”

R&D at ebizAutos

Feb 25, 2009

“What is an immutable class?”

“implement sort(int a, int b, int c) in Java w/o using any Collections methods”

“5. The user of this class expected the output “Num: 1000000”. They got something else. What went wrong and how would you fix it?

public class Test
    public final static int NUMTHREADS…”

“Sample questions concerning Java or SQL.”

Engineer at Google

Aug 31, 2010

“The key thing was understanding how the java garbage collector worked.”

Intern at Exelis

Sep 1, 2010

“how do you reverse a string?”

“How to find the median number out of 4 byte integers?”

“can there be a thread without a process”

“How would you check to see if a string is empty in java 6 and java 5 ?”

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