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“how to pass function in another javascript function”

“They only know security part of the application. No real or tough java questions, because they are new to java. they did not mention web application security in their job description. But in the...”

“How do you pass variables between two JSP pages and how do you do it between a controller servlet and a JSP page?”

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“Reverse a String”

“A bunch of other Java questions, including difference between some JSR's related to portlets. Also some JavaScript questons (something about 'first class functions'), CSS questions (write a selector...”

“Write an AscendingSortedLongList and DescendingSortedLongList class ... and write some JUnit classes associated with them ...”

“Implement following method: public String findValueInMap(String[][] myMap, String key)”

“Nothing but an legacy java swing program to complete.”

“Spring - When you use Singleton instance in Spring, you will get only once instance. If I want to get multiple instances which is required for my application, how do you override or overcome the...”

“What technology stack used. Is there a situation that you had a conflict with your team member and how did you resolve it.”

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