Java Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given two files that has list of words (one per line), write a program to show the intersection.”

“symmetric cryptography”

“covariant return types in java”

“Q: complex topical question about solving a problem with a data structure and algorithm to transverse it effeciently”

“What is AOP?”

“Their questions are simple. But they did not ask the questions clearly. They want to see how to react to the unclear. For example, they ask you to write a recursive Java function.”

“Trick question associated with flipping the number 6 upside down to make 9. Android XML related questions.”

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“The questions I was asked are as follows :- 1. Difference between pass by value and pass by reference 2. Finding the largest number in an array 3. How would you test a Lamp ? 5. How would you...”

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“Why are you looking for new work?”

“Lots of questions about arrays, lists and hashmaps”

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