Javascript Developer Interview Questions

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“I had prepared myself for the interview on so many low-level details that I was actually thrown by a really basic, high-level question: "have you used any design patterns lately?" I blanked.”

“I never knew all along what I was dealing with. No one from the company could actually keep their word. If they didn't want to interview me, why contact me 2-3 times saying they are interested in…”

“Standard initial screening questions. Tell me about what you are doing now and what you have done because reading my resume would have been a hassle. Weird question asked - Would I like to get out of…”

“The knight's tour question; Permutation using the phone keypad.”

“The difficulty was no in the questions, but in setting up the environment to work through their bugs.”

“Code a native Array extension in JavaScript”

“Can you draw the relationships between the various parts of Javascript's object oriented system? (the value of "this", Class.prototype vs __proto__, what "new" does, etc).”

“very detail about javascript and jquery”

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