Javascript Developer Interview Questions

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“I had prepared myself for the interview on so many low-level details that I was actually thrown by a really basic, high-level question: "have you used any design patterns lately?" I blanked.”

“I never knew all along what I was dealing with. No one from the company could actually keep their word. If they didn't want to interview me, why contact me 2-3 times saying they are interested in...”

“Standard initial screening questions. Tell me about what you are doing now and what you have done because reading my resume would have been a hassle. Weird question asked - Would I like to get out of...”

“The knight's tour question; Permutation using the phone keypad.”

“Calculate the weighted average of a bunch of produce.”

“The difficulty was no in the questions, but in setting up the environment to work through their bugs.”

“Write your own unit testing "spy" function.”

“Code a native Array extension in JavaScript”

“Talk about a time you had to deal with multiple projects with different priorities and deadlines.”

“Can you draw the relationships between the various parts of Javascript's object oriented system? (the value of "this", Class.prototype vs __proto__, what "new" does, etc).”

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