Javascript Engineer Interview Questions

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“Design an elevator.”

“What can you do to optimize JavaScript?”

“Write a function that accepts a single argument that returns a flattened array regardless of what argument type was passed in.”

“What is a DOCTYPE?”

“Write code that allows a user to go to a specific url and returns a JSON object containing the name and version of the current package (this was inside of their app that is in/near production and...”

“Write pseudo code for a function that accepts a Board class that contains three public methods and will return whether the Board passed in is “solvable”. The three Board methods include “canMove...”

“How do you make a unicode string in python?”

“How do you handle exceptions?”

“In Javascript, how would you make a variable read-only?”

“Create a “debounce” function like the one provided by the underscore JavaScript framework that will take a function as the first parameter and return a function that will only be called once within...”

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