Junior Account Executive Interview Questions

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“Sell me this phone (it was an office phone that was sitting on the desk) the interviewer definitely made it difficult to do”

“A sheet of paper with a written scenario is distributed for written responses from all candidates. You are asked what you would do in a hypothetical situation in which you must choose between an…”

“Pretend I'm the owner of Mike's Pizza. How would you call me to set up a time for a phone pitch?”

“What's your definition of innovation? How do you incorporate passion of discovery into your life?”

“This was the strangest interview I have ever had. After the great first interview they asked me to come back 2 days later, and I rode around with a person who is doing the door to door sales…”

“are you willing to make 300-500 calls a day? and I answered yes for the experience”

“I am a business who is not interested in Yelp advertising- convince me otherwise.”

“Tell me about a situation in which you had to pay a lot of attention to detail”

“Do you have any experience buying media? It was unexpected as I was applying for advertising Account Executive.”

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