Junior Engineer Interview Questions

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“Find common node of two singly linked list given the heads of two nodes.”

“Find permutations of all alphabets in a given number eg: 1->abc, 2->def, and so on so i/p: 12 o/p: ad ae af bd be bf cd ce cf and now generalize for 10 digit number”

“Went through some networking fundamentals of data flow. Network engineer was very prepared and did a good job of testing the fundamentals. Did a little bit of simple BGP. Other than that, really...”

“Interview was pretty easy”

“As long as you're not a fool, there's nothing from out of left field. I'd say there's more difficulty in asking questions of your own.”

“installing and utilizing their vault, which is usually the bulk of the interview assessment explained in (2)”

“Describe a tree structure and triggers to use in a common database model”

“What are the advantages of Java over C++? C++ over Java?”

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