Junior Field Engineer Interview Questions

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“There weren't any very difficult questions. If you have been through the interview process you will more than likely be able to get through the phone interview to the 1:1. Then it seems like it's…”

“In an 8'x8'x8' room, how would you go about determining how many 6 inch diameter spheres you could fit.”

“if you have 2 candles with wicks on both ends and 1 takes 1 hour to melt completely, how do you tell, without measuring, when 45 minutes has passed”

“The questions part of the BHE is all BDI, the difficult part of the BHE is staying up all night making a presentation you need to deliver the next morning at 6 am.”

“My recruiter did not know what an Industrial Engineer did so it was unexpected to explain as a junior who hasn't taken many upper level courses what my major entailed and to convince them I can add…”

“Tell me about a time when you demonstrated integrity, performance, teamwork or learning. (make sure you have answers that address each of them)”

“Tell me what you're looking for and I'll tell you what I've got.”

“How do you handle work in stressful situations?”

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