Junior Manager Interview Questions

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“How have you dealt with a co-worker in the past whom you had difficulty with.”

“What stresses you? Which sutuations are most challenging for you?”

“Do you love to win or hate to lose?”

“"What would you do with a truckload of oversize tennis balls?"”

“"You will need to start from the bottom selling cosmetics before you can do actual work, and I want you to start a team of Sales Staff."”

“The asked multiple questions regarding competence. The most difficult always being "what would you describe as your weakness?" "Tell us of a time when you made a mistake at work?" The weirdest...”

“What specific skills and experience can you showcase through examples of prior work situations that would be relevant to this position and what will you bring to the table?”

“If we asked the person who disliked you the most in the world, what would they have to say about you??”

“Why are you leaving your current job?”

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