Junior Software Engineer Interview Questions

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“write a factorial solving algorithm”

“Can you name some data structures? What would they be used for?”

“Why is there no multiple inheritance in Java? Isn't implementing multiple interfaces basically the same thing? Then why can you have multiple interfaces and not class inheritance? Were the Java…”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a programmer?”

“How sharedpreference works on android?”

“Find common node of two singly linked list given the heads of two nodes.”

“after reading reviews from Glassdoor, i was expecting OOO concepts and coding in any language. But i was surprised to C questions. i was prepared to code in Java if it was required. I know C but for…”

“Find permutations of all alphabets in a given number eg: 1->abc, 2->def, and so on so i/p: 12 o/p: ad ae af bd be bf cd ce cf
and now generalize for 10 digit number”

“As long as you're not a fool, there's nothing from out of left field. I'd say there's more difficulty in asking questions of your own.”

“What is your experience with .NET?”

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