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“What would you do if a student came in and tell you they had been abused.”

“May I ask why you are not wearing a suit today?”

“Basically the interview questions were data structure. The first one was just a simple data structure question, but the second one was mathematical question. I hadn't expected that kind of questions…”

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“How do set ambitious goals each year that are measurable.”

“The school has fairly high academic achieves but we have some students who are tested at very low levels. -how can you teach these different levels in one class and reach your goals?”

“none, mostly behavioral questions”

“Describe a time when you had to do two things at once and be successful at them.”

“What do you find most important about your job?”

“There were no one on one questions for this process but some of the quiz questions seemed like trick questions.”

FSW at Sodexo USA

Mar 23, 2014

“none, i was ready and knew the aspect of the job”

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