K-12 Education interview questions

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“How do I get qualified to be hired?”

“I was asked no questions. Only chatted with an administrator who was trying to find out who was supposed to interview me.”

“What's the most difficult workplace challenge you've ever overcome?”

“"How long would you be willing to commit to O'Connell?"”

“"Would you be willing to teach [insert class material you didn't do well on in college] at the AP level?"”

“No one question was difficult or unexpected.”

“Was not any unexpected quesion. Just kind of questions like: What do you do if the parents are divorced and you don't know one of them who is in the school trying to taking out the kid?”

“What is your salary range”

Firefighter at Memphis

Oct 10, 2012

“How will you react & will it upset you when politically connected coworkers are preferably promoted, due to government quota, when they are not qualified to do the job they are given?”

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