Key Holder Interview Questions

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“How would you go about coaching an employee who always makes excuses and seems to not care about their job?”

“Are you willing to pick up extra shifts at inconvenient times for other co-workers?”

“What do you feel Paper Source embodies and how can you apply your unique talents to our individual store?”

“How would you hide a giraffe in your room? (Personality question)”

“There were no unexpected questions as i was applying for an internal promotion. Since i knew my District Manager for a year prior she was pretty straight forward.”

“The most difficult question would've been "What would you do if someone you knew stole something?" This is purely because they interviewer did not want a typical response.

Another thing that…”

“How do you handle an adult, like a father, who brought his daughter in to shop?”

“What does Pop Culture mean to you?”

“What kind of culture do you feel that the company perpetuates?”

“What makes you different than the other 12 applicants I interviewed?”

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