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“They were all pretty generic questions, the district manager wanted as much detail as possible.”

“Not hard or unexpected question but if they ask you if you have questions, DO NOT SAY NO. ask something! what does a typical day look like? why did YOU chose this store? etc. Show interest. Also if…”

“none. cookie cutter interview questions.”

“What kind of worker I'm I”

“What do I like about working I'm retail,”

“I don't recall any difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Nothing terribly unexpected or unusual, be prepared when meeting with DM to highlight specific sales goals hit or significant progress made toward a certain goal. Vagueries weren't appreciated and…”

“The only difficult part of the interview is the test you have to take that determines if you are trustworthy to work for the company. It's really really hard to pass and they won't hire you if you…”

Keyholder at Goodwill

Apr 3, 2012

“What would be your contribution to the organization?”

Keyholder at Goodwill

Apr 3, 2012
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“What would you do if...?”

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