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“How would you handle a rude or hard to deal with customer?”

“What can you bring to the company.”

“How do you sell something you don't like or believe in?”

Keyholder at Origins

Oct 8, 2013

“What is a cause I am passionate about? I was not expecting that so it caught me off guard.”

“Taking the tour and giving my input based on experience of what I would change or do differently if anything at all.”

“It was my first position in a somewhat manager-like role so I was a little nervous when I was being interviewed. Most questions were the typical "what would you do in this situation".”

“This was a very friendly interview and all the questions were 'softballs' so, unfortunately I don't have an answer for this.”

“Describe what you saw out there in the demonstrations (both yourself and others). Any criticisms? Any praises? What is one word we haven't heard about you yet that will describe why you are perfect…”

Keyholder at J. Crew

Apr 10, 2013

“They asked if I had any experience directing people to do things. If I had any issues telling people what to do. The stupidest question asked was; how well can you fold clothes? Really...what kind of…”

“"Tell me about a difficult experience you had at a previous job and how you handled yourself."”

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