Knowledgable Interview Questions

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“Do you stay current on the financial services industry and market movements?”

“Can you tell me how your skills and experience match the job requirements?”

Site Manager at MasTec

Mar 22, 2014

“They ask questions right out of any how to conduct an interview book. Such as why do you want to work for Mastec?”

“Have you ever bought or sold an item on eBay?”

“What can you bring to the table”

“This is a summer-temporary position, but there may be a couple full time, benefit-eligible positions open at the end of the summer. What makes you different than the last applicant and why should we…”

“Based on our described need and vision, what would your priorities and plans be for the first 90 days in this position?”

“The most difficult part of the interview for me was when they asked what I knew about PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, as they were going to be released that year. I didn't know as much as I wanted…”

“How do you determine the legitimacy of a transaction?”

“What executive decisions did I make in my previous position and what decisions were made by my supervisor?”

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