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“I was asked a question about my previous experience with getting my hands dirty (in reference to specific job functions asked of by the client)”

“How long are you wiling to work here? This job requires 6 months of training and you will only be hired if you can commit at least 2 years, I would prefer 5.”

“How do you think your major will help you on the job?”

“Most interview questions were typical with a very few technical questions directly related to my resume or the position.”

Lab Tech at Lonza

Dec 4, 2013

“The questions I asked them.”

“I don't remember they were all difficult questions, some of them were too personal for my comfort level.”

“They were mistaken in my professional credentials.”

“They do not use heavy interview tactics. They go on instinct in my opinion. They have a fair process when hiring. If you are physically able and seem intelligent they will train you. That's not…”

“Have you ever been in a situation where you were involved in making a process change for the company that resulted in a better situation?”

“Mostly general questions: lab skills, organizational skills, background. They mainly told me about the work I would be doing.”

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