Lab Technician Interview Questions

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“Do you work better in a team or as an individual?”

“What is your greatest weakness?”

“How did you handle a conflict between 2 co-workers”

“They wanted to know if I understood what a contract lab was. Also any knowledge of EPA.”

“What is your major here at the University of Tampa?”

“"So you just want a job [so badly] that anything is fine?" This was the question I was asked when I first met the recruiter, just after giving them my resume and they haven't even talked to me yet.”

“What do you have to offer to us? What is your view on animal euthanasia?”

“Asked to draw some circuits. Mostly they want to know your personality. No myers-briggs nonsence, just lots of different people gut checking.”

“I did not get any out-of-the-blue questions during the interview process; mostly it was about my relevant skills.”

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