Laboratory Assistant Interview Questions

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“What one event was responsible for changing my life? How did it affect me?”

“Describe a difficult past experience and how you dealt with it?”

“There was no tough question, just basically what interested me about working in a laboratory environment.”

“There were no trick questions, but lots of questions about education and previous lab experience. The interviewer was friendly and personable and seemed to be interested in someone who would fit…”

“The most difficult question was actually when I was asked if I had any questions in return, and at that time I had forgotten what I had prepared to ask because of nerves!”

“Can you describe a time when you were faced with a difficult situation, and how you overcame that situation?”

“How have you handled conflict with a team member or coworker?”

“What previous lab experience do you have? Any independent research?”

“What skills can you contribute while in the laboratory?”

“How have you reacted to criticism from a supervisor?”

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