Language Assistant Interview Questions

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“Which American holiday would you choose to demonstrate a lesson for Japanese students?”

“There was one member of my interview panel who seemed like he wanted to get me flustered. I learned afterwards that many interviewees have that experience. The question I was asked that got me the…”

“Why did you put on your application that you would prefer teaching younger students?”

“How would you plan a class to introduce kids to the ABCs?”

“I'm very confused that you would ask someone that you have only known for 3 months to write you a recommendation letter. They obviously wouldn't know you very well so I would be interested in hearing…”

“You will have a hard time as a woman in Japan, but you specifically would probably have an even harder time as a black woman. Explain to me how you would deal with this, especially if a student were…”

“How will you handle stress in Japan?”

“What do you think the relation between Japan and the U.S. is?”

“How many characters do you know in Japanese?”

“Prepare a sample lesson.”

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