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R&D at ebizAutos

Feb 25, 2009

“What is an immutable class?”

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“What are the differences between C and Java? What would you describe as the defining characteristics of an object-oriented language?”

“I can't disclose this information”

R&D at ebizAutos

Feb 25, 2009
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“Does C# support multiple inheritance?”

“Why would I hire you?”

“Started interview in another language to access if what I wrote on resume was in fact acurate”

“What does this obfuscated C language statement do?”

“In a test of my ability in a foreign language (claimed on my resume), the interviewer, without preface switched from English into that language.”

“The most difficult question I was asked from my perspective was what did I think about speaking with people from different cultures and countries. I wasn't sure what was being asked. I asked…”

“what is your experience?”

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