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Jun 17, 2014

Interview Question for Route Salesperson at Dependable Cleaners:

“Name an example of a problem you had with a former fellow employee and how you resolved it.”

Apr 4, 2014

Interview Question for Account Manager at Evans Garment Restoration:

“Do you have kids, and what religion are you?”

Mar 1, 2014

Interview Question for Customer Service Representative at Dependable Cleaners:

“describe a situation where you believe you provided a customer excellent customer service”

Feb 26, 2014

Interview Question for Ninja at Washio:

“Are you willing to pay for your own gas?”

Apr 8, 2013

Interview Question for Sales Associate at Delia's Cleaners:

“You're in a store alone, and a customer calls with questions. At the same time another customer walks in the front door of the store with clothes. What do you do?”

Oct 26, 2012

Interview Question for Cashier at MW Cleaners:

“Where do you see your self in 5 years?”

Aug 29, 2012

Interview Question for Washer at Wash EM UP:

“There is not a difficult question in their arsenal. pretty much. you fill out the application. they call you, your hired. the interview is just a formality.”

Dec 15, 2011

Interview Question for Front Desk at Vanity Cleaners:

“why do you want to work here?”

Nov 30, 2011

Interview Question for Cashier at Dry Clean 175:

“Do you any experiences in drycleaning?”

Jan 13, 2011

Interview Question for Appointment Setter at Tristate Custom Cleaners:

“Tell me about yourself (as leading question)”