Lead Cashier Interview Questions

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Lead Cashier at Sears

Aug 3, 2012

“Give me real example of a situation where you were successful in handling a difficult situation at work that only experience could have provided the solution to the problem.”

Cashier Lead at Sears

Mar 21, 2014

“Called wanted me for Sales.”

Cashier Lead at Sears

Jun 1, 2012

“How much are you looking to make”

“What do you think your personality is like.”

“Nothing unexpected. They asked quite a bit about past retail experiences and how they were handled.”

“All the questions were easy, basic question "why do you wanna work here?" etc.”

“If there was a problem with the register and you had a long line and there was no management around what would you do?”

“Why I was making a career change?”

“Most difficult question to answer was did I expect to retire from the company?”

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