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“The questions are very standard, just google behavioral interview questions and you will be able to find them all online. They are usually aligned with Eaton's competencies, like 'Dealing with…”

“How do you pass variables between two JSP pages and how do you do it between a controller servlet and a JSP page?”

“The oddest question was whether I understood that they were a big company. They did not ask actual programming questions. I wish they had: the overseas elements were very very bad programmers, and…”

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“A managing partner asked me a very specific question about a site I had worked on years earlier.”

“Why did you choose this position, its not a glamorous position?
Tell me about a time you failed.”

“Describe your experience architcting SharePoint sites.”

“You were a director before and now will just be a team lead, will you be happy with such a role here?”

“The 2nd person in my final interview entered the room handed me the phone and had me role play a cold call with another manager. Not too difficult, just a little unexpected.”

Lead Developer at Fry

Jul 24, 2012

“Interviewer "Do you know linux"
Me "Yes I use it both at home and work"
Interviewer "Using it at home is good enough"”

“How would you add federated data sources to an existing database when the data schemas do not match, network and data source latency are unknown and meet your n second maximum response time…”

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