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“How will you test a search engine”

“They asked me that " why you came so late ? " which was the last question. then firstly i thought where was i late i was reached here before the time. I was not expecting that they were asking me…”

“I would say the position is for technical lead and The interview was conducted as if its for some other job. No relevance to interviewing process and role they are looking for. Not even a single…”

“There was a detailed technical question about a test strategy for a complex system built with a domain-specific language. When I answered in general terms, the interviewer kept pressing for more…”

“Write an interface and inherit from it (on paper)”

“Some deep xslt questions, the rest was php/python/javascript/jquery/css.”

“What is the current market capitalization of VMware?”

“no difficult questions, all are mentioned by this website”

“Why do you want a career in sales? What have you done to prepare yourself for a position in sales? Tell me about a challenge you faced.”

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