Lead Software Developer Interview Questions

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“Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?”

“The oddest question was whether I understood that they were a big company. They did not ask actual programming questions. I wish they had: the overseas elements were very very bad programmers, and…”

“What is the worst mistake you have ever hid?”

“What's the first step in building/implimenting a WCF service?”

“what do you think about overtime work.”

“How would you change your persistence layer logic based on an environment variable.”

“Questions are not difficult - but they tend to be teasing you.”

“Design question, JMS model and method name. Algorithim question for finding a bug of Linkedlist loop. Java Tuning questions out of memory question.”

“Had to write code on a whiteboard. The problem itself was not too challenging.”

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“How will you test a search engine”

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