Lead Systems Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would you use a vi editor”

“What would you do if a manager or superior asked you to change data to make business results look better?”

“how do you deal with peer if they disagree with your design”

“What do you know about the OCLC? What do they do? Who is the President? How long has he been the president, etc.?”

“You will already have the necessary answers by the time the interview takes place. There really aren't any tough questions unless you haven't been doing what is expected of you. The key is to answer…”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“How did you get the project management to buy off on this package?”

“What was the greatest technical accomplishment in each of the companies you had worked for previously?”

“What do you understand about working in a contractual agreement and supporting the Government interested based on SLA's, MOU's, MOA's and working with a Contract Officer?”

“give you few tables and ask you to link them logically by hand.”

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