Lead Systems Engineer Interview Questions

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“If you are ten years old, please describe what is networking?”

“Unexpected question: Xbox or PlayStation?”

“You have a doctorate so it tells us that you like challenges, is that why you are moving from your current position? We are not sure that the role we have to offer can keep you interested for long.”

“There were a lot of questions about dealing with people, which was interesting because I was primed for technical questions.”

“Why are you leaving your current position?”

“Describe how you would test <a system>.”

“Tell me about your a time you had to deal with a difficulty employee”

“There was not any question that I found difficult or Unexpected, though I was taken aback a little by how little the interviewed was willing disclose about their product. I can understand the…”

“Hypothetical: our client has the following problem.... How would you get started to solve it?”

“What would you say are the transferable skills you bring from an academic background which you would be able to apply to your projects here?”

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