Leadership Development Program Interview Questions

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“What do you believe was the biggest cause of the financial crisis?”

“How comfortable are you with being tested on a daily basis, particularly when you are being tested on things you have learned as early as the previous day?”

“Would you be willing to relocate?”

“Lots of "Tell me about a time.." questions.”

“If we were to put you in a rotation that you had no background or experience in, how would handle that placement?”

“Why are you interested in the program?”

“What would you do with the money that was left over after checking the 10K statement and the income statement?”

“What primary factors would you look at to determine the amount/percentage of raise to give to the employees?”

“Tell me about a time when a group you were part of failed to achieve it's goal; how did you react?”

“What are 2 qualities of people you cannot work with, and what are 2 qualities of people you work best with?”

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