Leadership Development Program Interview Questions

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“How do you think you can make an impact on the company?”

“If you had to explain XYZ (the subject will change person to person, mine was lacrosse) to someone who had never played the sport or even heard of it before, how would you?”

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“What would you do if asked to compromise your ethical beliefs for the company?”

“I got 3 brain teasers. I got two that I was able to get (identifying fake gold coin and weighing golf balls) and one that I struggled with. You have a castle that is 100 by 100. Their is a...”

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“What is the hardest aspect of selling for you?”

“You have a 3 gallon bucket and a 5 gallon bucket, how do you get exactly 4?”

“What do you believe was the biggest cause of the financial crisis?”

“How comfortable are you with being tested on a daily basis, particularly when you are being tested on things you have learned as early as the previous day?”

“Would you be willing to relocate?”

“Lots of "Tell me about a time.." questions.”

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