Leadership Development Rotation Program Interview Questions

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“Tell us about your favorite product (doesn't have to be Taser) and your favorite brand.”

“They asked me salary in the first interview! This completely shocked me because you have no idea what you will be expected to do, so you can't even put a price on your work yet. It seemed a bit…”

“The group project was a bit stressful, but there's no way to practice for it. Just be sure to be quick thinking, diplomatic, and show you're a leader.”

“How do you see Sun Life fitting into that ideal workplace image?”

“What is diversity and why is it important in business?”

“Tell me about a time where you had to deal with an angry or unsatisfied customer. What did you do to turn it into a positive situation?”

“Tell me about a time where you felt you should have asked more questions. What did you do to overcome that problem?”

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